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03-22-2013, 06:17 AM
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Originally Posted by McDunna with Fries View Post
Do you really think a new coach would be able to bring Richards and Gaborik back to being elite players? They are probably two players that least fit our system. Instead of canning the coach and changing everyone but two players, why not keep our system and change the two players? Plus, Gaborik is under contract for just another season after this year.
The argument there is weird to me. Your system is Torts system. If he isn't there, it will be the system of somebody else.
Your D, when healthy, can play pretty much any system, at least those among them who matter. Another identity player like Callahan can also be a succesful player on any team in the league. Ie. as a Pens fan I am in no doubt that he could be very good on any of our top3 lines, and we play very different from the Rangers.

The very idea would be that if your coach and his system is not fit to bring out the best of your key players, then it is extremely difficult to get proper value for the key players as they will be under performing and their contracts will look very risky.

Bottom line is that at this point you would be gambling big time if you were to deal or buy out Gaborik/Richards, because there are very few impact UFA's top pick up in their place. Before getting there, one should try out the alternative, which is to can Torts and let a replacement take a crack at it.

As a Penguin fan, I sure hope Torts stay on, but that is something else entirely.

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