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Originally Posted by Tedi View Post
I'm not 100% certain that I understand what you are trying to say I will agree that the CFL is being managed much better lately, however I still do not think it ranks up there with the other sporting brands, NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL and such.
I am not even arguing quality of the game with CFL to MLB and NBA I don't care if you say that is less.

There aren't really isn't that substantial of a fanbase to the NBA in Canada, historically passion for basketball in Canada is comparable to that of hockey in many US markets it is followed by a specific group of people. Baseball in even the US is aging in the demographic that follows it.

The cfl isn't the only league that can suffer from less younger fans following it. Sure in the future it may be easily only number 2 to the Oilers by a long distance. But if the Esks are managed properly, they can hold on and be a very strong number 2 team that could occasionally take over as being the number one team of interest especially since the seasons don't overlap that much in the two leagues.

Outside of people that go online to places like hfboards, most hockey fans watch hockey, playoffs maybe the draft and free agent signings. After that they don't give much thought to hockey from the point in June say when playoffs end and basically Oct when meaningful NHL games are played. Those of us that follow or even read up on the Oilers when the season isn't on don't actually represent the average fan.

and to the average fan that is where the Esks if run properly have an appeal to remain viable in Edmonton since they really never have to compete with the season of the Oilers with the average fan.

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