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03-22-2013, 07:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Systemfel View Post
No, only when treated unfairly.
I can see how they think that they may have felt that they got a raw deal on the goal call (which I don't think they did, see below) but seriously 5,6 or 7 guys all going up to the refs after the period. Looked super childish and funny to me. Seriously you never see that.

Lulea did not swarm the ref after double overtime loss, where it could be argued that the puck was kicked in and there was no review. They took the loss and moved on. Frolunda players would not even leave the ice at the end of the game.

To me it seems they follow the lead of the captain (Lundquist?), who is constantly yapping the refs...not a good thing in my eyes...though maybe it worked as they got that cheap goalie interference call in the third.

Frolunda goalie is really, really good but can't believe the refs called that after they must have seen him initiate contact with stick and arms every time Lulea forward anywhere near him. I have never seen anything like that either, does he ever get interference calls? he constantly does it.

As for the goal.....

1-goalie well out of his crease
2-Frolunda player pushed Lulea forward into goalie, initiating the contact
3- good goal
4- could also see how it would be called back just as easily
5- can you review that in SEL? I know you cannot in the NHL
6- that goal was in the first, plenty of time to get it back, good goal or not.

I am not trying to be provocative here, just my observations.....on a very entertaining series. Hopefully it goes to 7 so I can go watch the game 7 here live...good times.

sorry for spelling, non Swedish keyboard.

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