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Originally Posted by SarniaSting101 View Post

Care to share your predictions? LOL Any area you think they will concentrate on more? It's hard to believe the draft is in a couple weeks. Seems odd to have it early once again when there is still so much hockey being played. Do you know the reasoning why they moved it from May? I would think that would've been a better time for GM's/Coaches to focus on the draft instead of now when they are in the thick of playoffs.
Honestly, any players I mentioned would be pure guesses with no backing. I could speculate on the players' I'd be interested in adding.

I think they need to address top 6 skill with their 9th overall pick and they sit nicely in a position where a player should fall to them, especially with Day being added to the mix. It's a bit disappointing that Sarnia doesn't own their 2nd rd pick (very valuable in the OHL Draft) because there will be several players that should fall to the second round. However, maybe they can trade up.

With their 9th pick, potential players that would fit nicely:

- Nikita Korostelev (Toronto Jr Canadiens) - scoring winger with lots of potential. Would look nice next to Goldobin
- Mitchell Stephens (Toronto Marlboros) - speedy skilled winger that plays both ends of the ice well. Likes to get physical too. Captain of the Marlies
- Michael Davies (Southern Tier Admirals) - Excellent all around player who I feel could develop into one of the more productive OHLers. Great shot
- Blake Speers (Soo Thunder) - one of the best skaters of the draft. Very intelligent playmaking centre. I like him A LOT but he could be targeted by one of the northern teams (Soo or Sudbury )
- Brett McKenzie (Oakville Rangers) - probably won't be available at 9th but he'd be the best fit for Sarnia. Big smooth skating forward with good puck skills. Loads of potential
- Lawson Crouse (Elgin Middlesex Chiefs) - budding power forward with tons of skill. Looks to be a higher pick than sting hold so he probably won't be available. Reminds me of Corey Perry at times.
- Dennis Yan (Detroit Belle Tire) - Russian playing out of DET but was with the Lambton Sting last year. A dynamic skating forward, Yan has US options so unless Sarnia is 100% sure he'd report, he remains a long shot in round 1

Potential D at 1st pick:
Cameron Lizotte (Nickel City Sons) - probably my favourite D outside of Day and Spencer. Loads of intangibles. Smooth skating intelligent defenseman.

Kyle Capobianco (Oakville Rangers) - elite skating D that operates the PP very well.

Troy Henley (Oakville Rangers) - huge potential. Very mobile defenseman that loves handling the puck. Hits like a train. Has options in US too

Those are the players i think Sarnia has within their reach at 9th overall pick.

I wish I knew all of the picks they owned later in the draft so I could speculate more later in the draft.

Sarnia is in close proximity to Elgin-Middlesex, London ( Gold and Green), Sun County and Chatham so they could have interest in the following players:

Noah Bushnell ( Sun County) - tenacious forward that loves muching it up. He'd add some much needed grit and his net drive would be great for Sarnia. However, likely a 2nd rd pick. I "think" Sarnia loves him. Just a guess

Adam Craeivich (Oakville) - The OHL Cup MVP is slated to be a late 1st/Early 2nd so as it stands currently, Sarnia doesnt own the picks to get this Sarnia born player. Great shot.

Jesse Barwell (Oakville ) - love love LOVE this player. Soooo smart. Played on a deep team so he doesn't get the recognition that he deserves. He's going to be an excellent OHL player. Again, he will probably be selected before Sarnia can pick him.

Trent Fox (London Knights Gold) - power forward with good puck protection skills. Should be a 3rd + rd pick so he would be available to Sarnia. Brother of Erie's Dane Fox

Josh Coyle (Elgin Middlesex Chiefs) - high potential forward that shows flashes of high skill. Confidence issues leaves him playing inconsistently at times but he owns the size and skill to be a good OHL player.

Noah Carroll (Elgin middlesex Chiefs) - looks as though teams are liking him as an early 2nd eound selection but Carroll is liked by Sarnia for sure. Smart two way defender.

Mitchell Kreis (Halton Hurricanes) - good skating defenseman who moves the puck well.

Drew Worrad (Elgin) - scoring two way forward. Brother to former London knight Jake Worrad. Has a knack for finding the spots on the ice to score.

Carson Brookshaw (Elgin) - tenascious forward with a mom-stop motor. He's look good as a middle round selection for Sarnia. Despite being smaller, he owns excellent balance and flattens much larger opponents.

Anthony Kim (Elgin) - one of the drafts best skaters. Flawless. Inconsistent at times but he has great offensive skills if he can put them all together. NCAA bound? maybe

Leo Stolpe (Elgin) - defensive specialist from Sweden. May get overlooked with so many good players on Elgin. I like him a lot.

Hayden Broomhead (Elgin) - no one standout skill but he does everything well. He should be a middle-to-late selection

Brendan Johnston (Chatham Kent Cyclones) - high potential G playing on an underwhelming team. May slide as he gets overlooked playing in Chatham.

Drew Malette (Chatham Kent) - potential late round pick. Found his offensive game this year.

Off the top of my head, those are the players I remember from games I viewed this year. I'm sure I'm missing some potential targets. Like I said, just a few names (local) to watch.

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