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03-22-2013, 08:26 AM
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Last night's win dropped us from 2nd pick to 7th pick. Think about the difference in prospects that constitutes: Mackinnon vs. Monahan; Drouin vs. Nichuskin; Jones vs. Zadarov/Nurse; etc. There is obvious merit to winning games - I don't deny that. In the current context, however, there are also very real and tangible downsides (see above) that could affect the trajectory of this franchise for years to come.

There's obviously nothing I or any of us fans can do about it - if they're going to win, they're going to win. Are we realistically one of the three worst teams in the league? Probably not. I think the same could be said of Montreal last year, but they picked third and they drafted a stud player. 3rd overall pick this year, IMO, nets you an even better player.

Another thing that frustrates (and potentially worries) me is that I don't see us being this bad again for awhile. Given that, the truncated season, and the ELITE talent at the top of this draft, this is the year to tank, and I feel like were about to **** it up. /rant

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