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03-22-2013, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by mgftp View Post
Sorry I didn't post on this internet forum to validate my point earlier, I didn't know I had to document my thoughts on this forum for them to be valid in the world. I can waste some time and give you links to other forums where I did if that so important to you.

But rediculousness aside, I do think having him off the ice without replacement is best at this point. Its a turnover more than 50% of the time he touches the puck and I don't think forcing a guy making this type of cash into the lineup who is doing nothing helps a locker room. And I don't think he's reverting back to his old form - have you been watching Ranger games? I hope I am wrong, but he is just constantly a step behind every time he is on the ice. He is an old guy, doesn't stay in the best shape, and it was a long off season - probability says there will be no reverting back.
You have the balls to ask me if I watch Ranger games when you make silly statements like the one above?

I see a guy that is struggling mightily, but I dont have to make up things to try and justify it. More importantly, Im not going to whine about wanting him gone knowing this team will be just as bad if not worse if theres no suitable replacement lined up.

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