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Originally Posted by thomast View Post
Did you even watch Mikko Koivu at the same age? He was horrible skater back then nothing compared to Barkov. Did you watch Armia? He wasn't that good skater, skating was one of his flaws and now he is one of most powerful skaters in FEL. You got tunnel vision in prospect evaluating. You think they stop developing right now. To be there is no doubt that Barkov is good skater technique wise but need power and strength on his legs.

You know better than TSN scouts who are actually scouts for the NHL teams?, Craig Button and Edmonton head scout who has just watched Barkov?


"Aleksander is mature beyond his years with a quiet confidence in his game. He has uncanny awareness and is a player who is capable of sizing up the play two and three steps ahead and can therefore do things at a very high pace and tempo. He possesses great hands, and he makes every kind of pass to create scoring chances. A very good skater who can create time and space for himself in the offensive zone. He is a dangerous offensive player who plays with determination and has a 'go about his business approach.' Has the potential to be a top number 1 center."

Edmonton head scout Stu MacGregor:

"[Barkov] was very good. A big, strong, centerman that is very smart with the puck and strong with the puck and works hard at both ends of the ice.

He’s 6’2” at least, maybe a little more and very close to 200 pounds as a 17-year old. He skates well, very good first step, gets off the mark well. Passes the puck very well, good hands, controls the puck using his puck skills and his body to protect. More of a setup guy than a shooter but he does possess a very good shot."

There is clip in youtube where Button evaluates his skating and put it in very good range.

Jarmo Kekäläinen has stated that Barkov is better and faster skater than he looks because he is so big and big players tend to look slower.

Barkov isn't a speed demon like you stated but he is 17 year old 210ish lbs. His skating technique is very good, stride is very good(needs to add power), glide is excellent. When you watch him skating there is clearly just 1 thing which hold him back and it is lack of leg strength carrying 210lbs frame to fast speed. He needs strength on legs getting more power on his strides. That is the easiest thing to train in skating. Barkov has improved alot in that area and still does.

Mikael Granlund played 15 games less and played very sheltered role it was pure offense. Granlund was moved on center in post draft year to handle more defensive duties. His offense didn't improve at all and he was on his 18-19 year old season Barkov is on his 17 and plays way better defensive game than Granlund ever played in finland with similar offensive numbers as 17 year old than Granlund at 18-19 year old season.

You know better than NHL scouts polled by Bob Mackenzie? Bob stated that scouts like his NHL-ready game. Craig Button stated that Barkov is now darn close to be NHL by next october he will most likely be.

Barkov looked very tired at WJC and even admitted it that he was extremely tired. Barkov was worse skater at 16 year old at WJC in alberta and he was solid right there in 3rd line shutting down opposite lines in 5 on 5 and killing penalties. Finnish WJC team was a mess this year. Markus Granlund created alot more offense at WJC than Barkov but why is he healthy scratch at the playoffs when their team is matched against? Barkov is one of the best players in the series so far and Markus is sitting in the pressbox eating popcorn despite being better offensive player against kids at the WJC? Barkov is already used to pro game and looked lost in WJC where the game is mess and especially team Finland. Barkov produced 3 points against 3tough countries and it wasn't bad for 17 year old but i expected more because he was so good in FEL but was clearly tired as hell. WJC is a small sample compared to 56 FEL games in tougher competition. Mikael Granlund had 7 points in 7 games at WJC in his draft year and 5 points was against Austria. MacKinnon didn't look good at the WJC even when he was probably the best skater in entire tournament.

You lost your credibility and knowledge about hockey. Act smart but poor arguments.

Barkov: "At this point his skating is the main area of concern..."

"Barkov is a creative with a very solid overall package and the skill set to compensate for his below-average skating, making him one of the top prospects for the 2013 NHL Draft."

There are also other scouting reports that say skating and lack of speed/explosiveness is a weakness for Barkov. My eyes also tell me the same thing after watching him at WJC and in SM-liiga. If the scouts really thought that Barkov is a good skater and has a very good first step, Barkov would be number 1 in every rankings. He would be a really big center with great skating and great offensive skills and good defensive skills. Smells like a consensus number one pick to me. Barkov is third at best in rankings. Barkov has a weakness, just live with it.

How is a guy with 0.9 ppg in SM-liiga and poor skating NHL-ready?

And anyone who disagrees with you that Barkov is the greatest player ever and fast skater "loses credibility and hockey knowledge"? (whatever that means)

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