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Originally Posted by MacOfNiagara View Post
Heading to the Niagara-Canisius game on Friday. Should be a great game. Go Eagles!
Cool that you are going! Wish I was but the couple of people I could go with unfortunately couldn't get out of work to attend - tough with the mid-afternoon start. Also the one guy who can go with me - my Dad these days is being picky/taking it easy when it comes to going places. (Between the Sabres game last night, Bandits game on Saturday and my soccer coaching gig on Saturday too which he goes to - I coach my cousins kids so hes goes to watch them - I'm too boring to go to watch! - hes already done/will do alot these past/next few days.)

I should have made plans to go with you! Oh well! Have a great time but I gotta go with Canisius! Win today and then on Saturday and we will have two teams in the tourney. (Niagara is a vitural lock in making it no matter even if they lose today. Well thats what everyone is saying. Yeah I know you should go all out and win the games but for once throw a bone to your "buddy" that lives some 22 miles down the road? Just saying...)

I wish Niagara and Canisius were playing the second semifinal. I understand that due to Niagara being the highest rank seed left (#1) of the four teams that are left, that they should get the advantage of playing the earlier game and thus get a few extra hours rest over what team wins the later semifinal. But in this case Atlantic Hockey should have made a exception especially since Niagaras opponent is nearby Canisius and had them play the later semifinal at 7:00 pm ET - maybe even moving the start time to 7:30 pm ET.

Then alot more fans would have been able to travel down the thruway after getting out of work to watch what should be a exciting/close game. Heck, I'm sure some Rochester hockey fans would have like to see this game in person too. Yeah another person complaining about when a game in Rochester is being played but in this case - the switch should have definiately been made. More people at the game, more money for the AHA and others. The other game would get the same number of fans no matter when its played. Oh well! At least the game is on TWCSC Buffalo so people who can't make it, can watch it LIVE/or can record it to watch later - thats if they get the channel.

Prediction: Canisius wins 3-2 in overtime. Go Canisius! beat Niagara!

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