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03-22-2013, 10:05 AM
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Maybe I need to see it again, I was at the game, so saw it live and then the replay on the board there.

But goalie was pretty clearly out of the crease (part of a skate touching or not) and/or at least the offending Lulea player was not even close to in the crease. And whether he was pushed exactly there or not it is not like Vihko went there entirely on his own, he was helped.

Either way, I could see the goal counting or not counting easily either way, pretty subjective, but I can see why the refs defended their call. I think you would have to agree that it was not a black and white call that refs completely blew, they had their justifications whether you agree or not.

The Brynas\Skelleftea game call was completely different. The offending player skated through the top of the crease and catches the goalies stick completely on his own.... nobody pushed him at all and he skated clearly through the top of the crease and the goalie definitely on his own turf within the crease.

I know a goalie is free to move in his crease, but have you not noticed him sticking out arms and stick as any player comes remotely close to him, its pretty obvious. I have seen lots of goalies do it a bit but he really goes over the top. If you have not noticed, watch for it next game. Just because a player comes close to your crease (heck even cruise through part of it) you cannot slash or interfere, that is not the rule Though sometimes, like you say, I have seen goalie initiated contact called interference.

...on a side note, how did Frolunda end up with a NA Native in a headdress as a logo? I like the logo just wondering how it came to be ( or maybe I am an idiot and that is not what it is)

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