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03-22-2013, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by bp13 View Post
So bad without the puck that he's one of the guys CJ has on the ice in key defensive situations? So bad without the puck that he's the one guy CJ slides up the lines when he has an injury or is missing a top 6 forward? And so bad without the puck he's on the PK and has been since he got here? Not buying it. Nobody is better prepared than CJ and few are more conservative. He doesn't use PEverley as his de facto swiss army knife without being 100% confident in his three zone play.

Further, even if your assessment of him was right, and I contend it's not, how the hell is he worse lately than Lucic? Or Horton? Those guys haven't scored consistently in over a month! Lucic is a giveaway machine lately, and both guys are guilty of overpassing and all-around being lousy. Why not sit one (or both) of them?

Sorry this just doesn't fly to me. There has to be something else to this.
So bad with the puck that he's minus -9... In an ideal world,you would benched the guy who deserve it the most. Reality is: it's happening 1% of the time.

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