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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
What accomplishments are those exactly?
Stanley Cup ring?
Kane's Calder? Because Kovalev had a chance in hell of beating out one of the top 5 most deserved Calder's in the entire history of the league?
Originally Posted by RNH3 View Post
I choose Kane basically because I think he is a better all around player.
Originally Posted by FakeKidPoker View Post
With the retirement of Kovalev yesterday...

..he is still not close to Patrick Kane.
Has Kane learned to kill penalties or play an aggressive game so that he can be useful even when he's not on the scoresheet? Despite the narrative of some ******** fans, the reason so many think highly of Kovalev is because he was able to be so effective even when he wasn't scoring. No, he wasn't some kind of defensive angel or physical monster. But he wasn't a figure skater who played half the rink while being chained to the bench any time his team took a penalty.

To put it in perspective:

A late-prime Alexei Kovalev played 113:55 on the PK for Montreal in 2007-08; behind only Higgins, Plekanec, and Smolinski. He also scored 84 points that season.

Patrick Kane has played 33:14 of PK IN HIS FIVE-PLUS YEAR CAREER.

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