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Sure, I could see what the refs meants, just really surprised at the no-review call. I'm sure that an NHL official would have called it off immediately though. It's the inconsistency here...

And yeah, the Frölunda goalie does stick out his arms and legs. And like I said, he is probably angry about being run into. Refs have told him that the crease is his, though, so that's probably why he's doing it.

Sort of, "Okay, they can push me when I'm outside the crease, so I'm gonna do THIS inside my crease everytime someone skates by." Get it?
Originally Posted by take a peak View Post
...on a side note, how did Frolunda end up with a NA Native in a headdress as a logo? I like the logo just wondering how it came to be ( or maybe I am an idiot and that is not what it is)
Back in the '80s, Frölunda was known as the "Wild West" team due to its run-and-gun playing style (scoring and hitting) and the fact that Gothenburg is on the West Coast. What "characters" are associated with the Wild West? "Cowboys and Indians." Cowboys was the primary choice, but was deemed inappropriate due to cowboys being associated with guns and violence.

They went that way instead of just making something up completely. HV71 chose "Blue Bulls", Timrå were the "Red Eagles", Luleå were the Bears, and so on.

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