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03-22-2013, 11:14 AM
Jimmi Jenkins
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Originally Posted by Doppler Drift View Post
I haven't lived in Edmonton for a long time. But the mid 70's, 73 or 74 if I remember correctly, was awful. Pushing cars out of drifts was a daily activity all of January and February.
Probably more because of a few factors.

Less emphasis on needing to plow the roads immediately, smaller road ways, worse cars (rear wheel drive vechicles without traction control and other magic of today)

I see this alot, and it's simply isn't true. The weather has been worse and more all over the place, in terms of cold, heat, snow, rain, no rain, etc, in the last 20 years then EVER before it.

You can check the climate data, it's true.

obvisiously NOT counting the Tornado, nothing's worse then that.

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