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03-22-2013, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
Sometimes its easy to forget just how good #52 is. Clearly his health is a concern but he is an impact player even when he doesn't get on the score sheet.

His D has improved greatly in his own zone and he instantly relieves pressure by making good breakout passes and his sick sick skating skills.
I could not disagree more that he is an "impact player" whether he scores or not.....

He hasnt been anything close to that since 09-10....I dont accept health as a good reason. If you cant stay healthy how does it help the team? A player certainly doesnt get a full on pass for not being able to play do to injuries. I feel bad for them but in the have to play to help the team.

52 has never been good at protecting all zones. When he is on his game he makes quick decisions....when he is off his game he tends to hold on to the puck too long, gets hit, and throws the play off. Last night for example.....coming out of the D zone he holds it too long, finally makes a slick little move on the guy pressuring him and makes a short up ice pass to 19 near the boards. The problem there was the play was read because 52 held onto it too long. 19 has a man on him right away, its a turnover and a chance the other way. Now.....19 turned it over but it was 52 that put him in that situation.

Similar to the goal Pitt beat the Caps on a few years back in the playoffs. Gonchar gets all the crap for turning it over but it was the experienced Linden (i think thats who it was) telegraphed his pass to a guy who now had to make a near perfect play to avoid a turnover...Caps went golfing

52, along the boards, is not good. Way too often when he is in the corner/behind the net/along the boards his man makes the play. Give 52 some space and he can usually get it out....this is EXACTLY why teams dont give him space and pressure him all the time, its effective

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