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03-22-2013, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Tony253 View Post
The Spurge is not my favorite player on the Wild but his only real deficiency is that he is the size of the average 9th grader.
Spurg, imo, is not very good on d. He has issues with gap control, he frequently just loses opposing players, he whiffs on pucks more than anyone else that I can think of, he's really not all that good at getting the puck out - frequently just blind rimming around the glass (ala Shultz), he sucks at board battles, and I certainly don't see what great intelligence he has in the d zone.

He has done pretty well in the offensive zone, for the most part. He has a certain creativity there that I wish more of our players had.

I'ld be curious to know how many goals he has been on the ice for of late... It always seems that when the other team is scoring, there he is...

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