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Originally Posted by Placid View Post
My general feeling towards this is that this is a situation that we cant really sign our way out of (we've tried..), i see it as a fundamental fault with the system that is being employed, and the biggest problem with that system is that its as rigid as a block of ice. Also, there is no plan B, so its "do or die" with Torts at the helm.

Last year it sort of worked because of the player material that we had, but then we traded most of them away (Anisimov, Prust, Dubi, Feds, etc).

This year, not so much... The player material that the Rangers have is absolutely top notch, it just cannot be employed in a grinding fashion, its utterly unsuitable for most of the team (in my opinion anyway).

The most scary part is that Torts doesnt see that. Maybe he doesnt want to see it.. maybe he cannot coach any other style.. what do i know.. the Rangers are suffering though.. and they really shouldnt with the players that they have.

ah well.. rant for the day
Good post. I genuinely like Tort's especially compared to Tom Renny, who always played and never sat the highest paid players and who used to wax poetic in every post game interview.

That being said, I would have no problem moving forward with a new coach and a different mindset.

However, I really don't see all this wonderful talent on our roster that people around here keep alluding to in their posts. The truth is we have been, are and will continue to be hard pressed to score goals no matter who ends up as the coach.

You wanna put the blame where it belongs, you need look no further than the GM who has accomplished absolutely nothing since he's been here and is completing his 13th year come July.

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