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12-23-2003, 09:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Thomas
Rivet was our second best defenseman last season, and the guy who helped Markov emerge as our #1 defenseman. Its not a lack of talent or skill IMO, its the fear of getting booed when you return home. You make a mistake, your booed everytime you touch the puck the next game. rivet plays his heart out, played 82 games last season with a wrist injury and he gets repaid by getting booed at the bell center.

There was an interview on Sportsnet a few weeks back, where Brisebois said the fear of being booed and the criticism made him ask for a trade because he couldnt play here anymore. And that once BG stood up for him, all the weight was lifted off his shoulders and up to now hes been solid for us. Playing Rivet with Bouillon may not be the best solution, considering both are having trouble this season.

Rivet was our second best defenceman last season. Really? The guy's been a total bust. He's reached his ceiling a looooooong time ago. I'd even go as far as to say that he's the most overrated defenceman we have. By a freaking mile.

Rivet has got no major attribute from which this team can profit, short, medium and long term. He's can't skate, he's completely useless with the puck, he can't hit properly, he can't make an outlet pass, he can't shoot elsewhere than on other players' shin guards... He's just plain bad. The only reason why he's still here is because he's making too much money.

I'll predict that he won't be with this team in 2 years from now. When his overblown contract comes to an end.

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