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03-22-2013, 11:19 AM
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Mine of back to the mid 60s, the GAG line etl.

Thx for sharing your memories.

The pain that was endured by being a ranger fan on the island during the 4 cup run, and the 1940 chants, was such a low thatThe 94 win was incredibly cathartic. I think that's why we won't let it go.

Originally Posted by alkurtz View Post
My Ranger memories go back to 1958.

Season ticket holder in the blueseats from 1969-1976.

I've raised two hardcore Ranger fans, one who is a regular poster here.

Met my wife going to a playoff game in 1970.

Still as fanatic a fan as ever, the Rangers have been one of the great passions of my life. Aside from personal events, 1994 is one of the highlights of my life and I will never, ever tire of it. Each time I see Matteau's goal, Richter's save, the last faceoff, Mess with the cup, it brings a smile to my face. Always will.

In 1991 we were camping in Newfoundland, met a family from there, and of course talked hockey. I recall telling them that when I was in my 20s, I used to joke that I would likely go through my whole
life without seeing the Rangers win the cup, but now that I was in my 40s, it wasn't a joke anymore.

So 94 is a big deal. I will never forget how ecstatic I was. Just watch a replay of Sam and JD as the game ended and after, watch the crowd and you will understand.

Kovy was one of my favorite players. What an incredible talent. His speed in game 6 against the Devs was just as important as Messier's goals. Yes he underachieved but if you just look at his stats, he is a borderline hall of famer. Another player with those stats and what he did in his career just might get in. But of course he won't and shouldn't. But what a transcendent, exuberant talent. Love the guy, thinking of him makes me smile even if he could have been so much more.

Now, if we could only win another!

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