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03-22-2013, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by JPG View Post
OK maybe I should elaborate my point - that he is unproven. And yes, that tends to apply to Russian prospects because they play alot less games than North American prospects. That's not ignorance, that is fact.
He only scored 2 points in 6 games in the world juniors. He's played a total of thirty games in the KHL scoring 12 points. I'm sorry, you want to spend the top draft pick on a guy who's only played enough to score 14 points in his career? (he does have some underage stuff but I don't think that is worth much to extrapolate to NHL).
Playing less games has a direct correlation to less proven? You're going to need to expand on that A LOT for it to have any meaning.

Your ignorance of European statistical data is somewhat alarming. Playing in the CHL and playing in the KHL are two entirely different beasts. The KHL is a very very tough league to crack for younger plays, nevermind produce. Nichushkins numbers are extremely pleasing. You'll find that the majority of high NHL Forwards drafted out of Europe don't have high production in their domestic leagues (If they play in it much at all) during their draft year. I get the feeling you understand the meaning of data and European hockey as much as i understand modern dance.

14 career points? As if this is the first year Nichushkin started to play hockey?

Originally Posted by JPG View Post
Compare that to Mackinnon: 181 points in 119 games in the QMJHL, 1 point in 6 games in world juniors.
That's just one player, but the fact is players from Russia in particular play less games and have less exposure. While you CAN have a player that pans out, I find that many times they are overhyped because it is an 18 year old kid who is 6 ft 2 200 lbs and people like the size and possibilities without being able to do enough scouting on them. We have seen many amazing "practice" players that can show off for a scout but can't do anything when it counts. On the other hand, NCAA and CHL players have alot more games to show for themselves and one can make an educated decision.
It's difficult to formulate a starting point. I guess i may as well ramble like Alan Partridge.

Playing less games (As if these hockey players haven't played 1000 of games) means what exactly? That it makes a player better? No. That it makes a player more proven? No, because it takes no account of performance, the performances compared to peers and historical figures, and the environment the player performs in. That they have less exposure? Nichushkin has played in every top Junior international tournament and now, the 2nd best professional league on the planet. Nichushkin has been known about as a player since he was 13/14. If that isn't exposure, i don't know what is. Scouts are paid to project players. They have years worth of data on Nichushkin. If they need 10 more games of CHL data to form an opinion, i'm going to go out on a limb and say nepotism got them the job.

Just to re-iterate, Nichushkin was the best player at the U-17's (A tournament where the best of every nation plays at), the best at a recent U-18 event (Where multiple 1st round picks played at this year alone), played well at the U-20 and now plays good minutes on a stacked high level men's team. Exposure? Ahhh hell naw.

For the final smackdown, the NCAA plays a much smaller schedule than the CHL. Infact, the NCAA players a smaller schedule than European elite leagues. Junior aged players in Europe play many international games during their year, so their totals are well into the 60's and 70's. Finally, very few players are drafted directly out of the NCAA with first time eligibility, since fast-tracking to college at 17 isn't common.

Originally Posted by JPG View Post
Finally, please don't make assumptions about me - I don't appreciate you insinuating that I am ignorant. I do plenty of reading and research. I don't claim to be a scout by any means, just a passionate fan. I do appreciate the fact that it struck a chord since I said he was Russian, but hopefully I explained myself why I said that.
I actually didn't mean that you were ignorant, rather it was a comment regarding a trend. You absolutely are ignorant in regards to youth hockey, but i didn't mean to offend you. Sorry.

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