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03-22-2013, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
It wasn't the players involved so much as them looking to stock up on youth and picks.
Sure but they are not going to give up young players and picks for young players and picks... especially not "young players" like Hartikainen Peckham... that is enticing for no NHL team

Mathias isn't a great young center either.
Originally Posted by Jimmi Jenkins View Post
Mathias isn't scoring at the NHL.
Matthias has more goals than Paajarvi has points... Matthias as many goals as he has had in any other season but in 30 GP... if Matthias was here we would love him to bits and be demanding 1sts for him... penciling him into our core

Edit: and for the sake of Money, Kopecky has 2 more years left at $3M, and he's 30.
That seems like the kind of reasonable deal a team would keep... if the Panthers are dumping any contracts for 2nds and Peckhams it will be less talented or valuable players than Kopecky... he is easily worth a 1st...

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