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03-22-2013, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by HamiltonFan View Post
Burlington is outside of buffalo's 50 mile territorial limit, Hamilton is not, therefore the potential savings on territorial indemnification fees is huge for Burlington vs Hamilton.
Ya, but its closer to Toronto. So if Im the Leafs, I'm going to demand more in indemnification payments if you set-up shop in Burlington than I would of Hamilton so surely the fee's overall would likely be the same, a wash. In fact, Buffalo might still demand recompense if Burlington's the landing spot. Frankly, I consider the Sabres position pursuant to territorial claims on Hamilton as nothing more than hollow, facile & transparent posturing. A money grab. They've just got to be aware of the fact that rather than causing harm, a team in Hamilton would be an absolute cash cow for them in perpetuity. That however apparently isnt enough. They want their bread buttered on both sides, demanding indemnification, blocking efforts to expand or relo a team to Copps, held up by Bettman & Daly as potentially being a victim, wont survive with a team in Hamilton. Utter BS. Hopefully this new guy, Terry Pegula is as enlightened as his actions would appear to paint him. Major donations to Penn State, clearly loves the game, already wildly over-spending & getting into Cap difficulties, pro-active at the community sports & amateur hockey levels in Buffalo.

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