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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
I've never seen anyone crap on him. The criticism has always been that he's not strong enough on the puck, won't go to the dirty areas and isn't too interested in the defensive side of the game.
This is just not fair criticism considering that reports are coming in saying that it's no longer true. Is he a grinder? Of course not and he shouldn't try to be one. But every report from Edmonton-based fans says that he got better in these areas.

Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
People thought Nigel Dawes was going to be a big time sniper at the professional level. Evgeny Grachev was a future star. Hell, even your boy JAM was going to be an NHL player this year! And he can't even crack a Columbus offense that's somehow even worse than ours.
I wasn't in on the Dawes debate because I was busy starting a business from scratch at the time, so I had no time for sports. Grachev... I was the first person here to tell people to temper expectations, in part because players who slide in the draft hardly ever make it, and in part because 80 points is nothing big.

JAM is still young. He's a 21 year old kid who needs to get physically stronger. I didn't think he was ready right away, though there was hope despite the fact that he needs to get stronger. He's now in the top half a dozen in the AHL in scoring as a 21 year old sophomore. That's a good prospect and we should've signed him. Obviously he's very high risk due to his size and style of play, but it still sucks that we never signed him.

Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
I'm glad you like St. Croix. I think he's a decent prospect. Just keep things in perspective. He has some real flaws in his game, even with the improvements made this season. Should we only lavish praise on our prospects? That's doing no one any good.
I agree that we should keep things in perspective. He's a very high risk prospect. But the problem is that it seems like people have given up on him while he's scoring ~100 points per season for the second straight year.

Fasth is the shiny new toy, while St. Croix is the unwanted stepchild of our prospect pool. And yet, both are high risk prospects. Fasth is probably a bit better as a prospect, but the constant "I don't believe in MSC" quotes from random people outside of Edmonton is just not fair.

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