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Originally Posted by shoop View Post
He played well down the stretch last year when nothing was on the line and the games didn't count. He got his shot and has not proved to be a top 10 starter in this league.

He played pretty well in the Spengler Cup this year. That counts for a lot.

In this current 4-0-2 streak Dubnyk is a big part of the reason the team wasn't 6-0-0. The Nashville game being the only game in the streak he played really well.

In the 0-4-1 immediately before this streak Dubnyk was a big part of the losses against St. Louis and Minnesota. Admittedly the Detroit and Nashville games in that streak were by no means his fault.

The inconsistency is killing this team. The team does not have confidence that they will get his A game consistently.
I've mentioned before that Dubnyk has more of a tendency to play well when the games are academic, when the club is already more or less eliminated, and theres no real pressure on the line.
Similarly he seems to play better when the team is behind. Spot him a few goal lead and you can just sense he'll pull a braincramp. 4-0 against Chicago in the Madhouse and he decides to play dangerous racing to a puck with Patrick Kane thereby resulting in an open net goal.
People don't get upset because these are mistakes, they get concerned because these are incomprehensible decisions that speak to a goalie that has little understanding of the moment and how to play smart in the moment.

In clearest terms I don't trust Dubnyk going forward playing in key situations when we may actually have something on the line. I wonder how many team mates unconditionally trust Dubnyk. The multiple players diving around the net and playing goal suggests they don't. Overcompensation happens arguably because of a perceived need for it.

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