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03-22-2013, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Yet theres no conclusive substantiation that this is actually the case. More study is required to come to this conclusion. I've already pointed out in the thread that the technology of traction control, ABS brakes, snowtires, 4 X 4 just allows more people to be comfortable driving in these conditions so in a sense adds crowding to roads and bumber to bumber traffic in inclement weather conditions where more people would formerly just stay home or limit driving. Additionally one of the biggest hazards of new road performance techologies(this is really what it is) is people having greater acceleration, and higher threshold speed in driving icy, comprised road surfaces.

Inate action being that people will all *safety* options simply end up driving faster, accelerating faster, because they can which causes its own obvious problems and compromises things like stopping distance, reaction time, etc, that the technology is supposed to enhance.

Finally, the technology basically results in a much great variance of speeds in poor road surfaces. So that you have some individuals driving speed limit (ill advised) because they think they can, while others are white knuckling it. The absolute difference in relative speeds out there introducing an unintended dangerous side effect to driver safety.

This. Period.
I agree with you. The technology is damn good and a great tool, but it should be your last line of defense. Not "well i have snow tires on a 4x4 so i'm going to do what i want".

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