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Originally Posted by shoop View Post
He played well down the stretch last year when nothing was on the line and the games didn't count. He got his shot and has not proved to be a top 10 starter in this league.

He played pretty well in the Spengler Cup this year. That counts for a lot.

In this current 4-0-2 streak Dubnyk is a big part of the reason the team wasn't 6-0-0. The Nashville game being the only game in the streak he played really well.

In the 0-4-1 immediately before this streak Dubnyk was a big part of the losses against St. Louis and Minnesota. Admittedly the Detroit and Nashville games in that streak were by no means his fault.

The inconsistency is killing this team. The team does not have confidence that they will get his A game consistently.

This ^^^^ is absolute horse$* are saying we would have went 9-2 if it were not for Dubnyk....RIIIIIGGGGHHHTTT...because there are no other holes in this team...(and these holes are not exactly going to be a cakewalk to fill either)

Over the last two decades beyond Ryan Miller at the Vancouver Olympics, Marty Brodeur (I think his team recognized his value...he might have been unavailable), and Hasek in his prime, who do you propose is going to come in and just shut the door completely on every team night in and night out until all our other shortcomings have been addressed?

You want him to prove he is a top ten starter in the league on a team that has been absolutely dreadful over the past three seasons...the only stat you can reference that has "nothing" to do with the team in front of him is save %...where he sits 11th...but all the haters will say that is because of all the soft shots and rebounds (other goalies dont get those of course).

I hate the soft goals too...but overall there are WAY worse goalies out there. Would I like Hiller to come over in the off-season...OF COURSE...but watching the game day thread explode with what a POS this guy is just after Smyth coughs up the puck along the boards or N. Shultz gives up possession of the puck yet again...where is the love when he makes a beauty save?!?!

it is just not an accurate reflection of what this guy really is...a reasonably solid goalie who has not yet (and maybe never will) taken the step to elite status. This is not (at this point) the kind of guy who can put the team on his back and lead them to victory night in and night out...and I think we would all be over the moon (even the haters) if he ever did develop into one.

But he is also not the one responsible for the shortcomings of the Edmonton Oilers organization as a whole...he is instead the new scapegoat for HF OIL...I shall now refer to him as Devawn Dubnykoff!

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