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03-22-2013, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Not a tough spot for Bergy at all. No one expected Habs to make the PO this year. Bergy can make an OK deadline pickup, without giving up youth or picks, and go 1 or 2 rounds without shame. Maybe 3.

He's in a fantastic position. He has no need to win it all this year. Everyone knows this.

It is this summer and next year that the pressure will come. Expectations will be much higher.
Expectations are adjusted very, very quickly. Fair or not, pressure is already there, 'cause if we can do it now, why can't we do it in two months? A solid 2nd round or 3rd round PO exit would be okay, but a quick 1st round defeat? Not at this point. Fans have already inhaled too much winning oxygen to accept less. Once the playoffs start we will expect the same as the other 15 teams - to win.

That said, I agree that the team and Bergevin have given us far more than we ever could've expected, regardless of what happens in the PO. But just watch the nasty articles and second-guessing that come out if we bomb in round-one. Habs fans suffer from worse periods than the actual team.

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