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03-22-2013, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Playing less games has a direct correlation to less proven? You're going to need to expand on that A LOT for it to have any meaning.

Your ignorance of European statistical data is somewhat alarming. Playing in the CHL and playing in the KHL are two entirely different beasts. The KHL is a very very tough league to crack for younger plays, nevermind produce. Nichushkins numbers are extremely pleasing. You'll find that the majority of high NHL Forwards drafted out of Europe don't have high production in their domestic leagues (If they play in it much at all) during their draft year. I get the feeling you understand the meaning of data and European hockey as much as i understand modern dance.

14 career points? As if this is the first year Nichushkin started to play hockey?

It's difficult to formulate a starting point. I guess i may as well ramble like Alan Partridge.

Playing less games (As if these hockey players haven't played 1000 of games) means what exactly? That it makes a player better? No. That it makes a player more proven? No, because it takes no account of performance, the performances compared to peers and historical figures, and the environment the player performs in. That they have less exposure? Nichushkin has played in every top Junior international tournament and now, the 2nd best professional league on the planet. Nichushkin has been known about as a player since he was 13/14. If that isn't exposure, i don't know what is. Scouts are paid to project players. They have years worth of data on Nichushkin. If they need 10 more games of CHL data to form an opinion, i'm going to go out on a limb and say nepotism got them the job.

Just to re-iterate, Nichushkin was the best player at the U-17's (A tournament where the best of every nation plays at), the best at a recent U-18 event (Where multiple 1st round picks played at this year alone), played well at the U-20 and now plays good minutes on a stacked high level men's team. Exposure? Ahhh hell naw.

For the final smackdown, the NCAA plays a much smaller schedule than the CHL. Infact, the NCAA players a smaller schedule than European elite leagues. Junior aged players in Europe play many international games during their year, so their totals are well into the 60's and 70's. Finally, very few players are drafted directly out of the NCAA with first time eligibility, since fast-tracking to college at 17 isn't common.

I actually didn't mean that you were ignorant, rather it was a comment regarding a trend. You absolutely are ignorant in regards to youth hockey, but i didn't mean to offend you. Sorry.
Excellent response. No matter what, you will run into the North American mentality that everything is better here. Why in the world would anyone consider playing in the AHL to be better than playing regular minutes in the KHL? The facilities are better, the competition is better, the pay is better, etc. Adjust to the North American game? give me a break... they will do that in 1 year tops once they come over here.

The other point the other poster fails to recognize is that in the KHL you are playing against men, where as in North America in juniors or NCAA, you are playing against boys. You think that does not make a difference? Nichushkin has cracked a stacked line-up as a 17 year old (granted, only playing 8-10 mins/game, which also affect his stats) And guess what too... he was just voted the best rookie of the KHL playoffs semifinals round

There are several good prospects at the top of this draft worth picking. To eliminate one as a possibility because of unfounded stereotypes instead of his actual performance on the ice is nonsense.

Also, in an interview with McKeen's Hockey, he has stated his intentions of playing in the NHL:
Q & A with Valeri Nichushkin
By Randy Gorman On February 1, 2013 Add Comment
V Nichushkin
NHL teams will take comfort in hearing talented Russian forward Valeri Nichushkin is eager to get his North American career underway sooner rather than later.

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