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Originally Posted by SarniaSting101 View Post

SS 101, not a slag, i totally agree. Why is that we constantly rebuild? I do wonder at the power at the top of the SS organization. One man pulls the string... coach gm head scout, etc...
How can you do all of these jobs effectively? I don't think you can and perhaps that will explain why we go into a funk. While others like the "future" we have on the bench, i must be blind. There are a half dozen i'd part with in a heartbeat.
As for goaltending, i don't think we have found the right tender. Just sayin'
Having one person do it all is also a good reason.....can't be coaching and scouting at the same time. If you go on other team's websites, they all have a Head Scout and a Head Coach, not one and the same.

I think Barrick will be okay. He doesn't have a ton of experience due to his injury this year but I have liked what I have seen of him. It's all about development, right? If he isn't up for the task, then I am sure JB will bring in a more experienced goalie. Until that happens, we need to support the young team they will be next year and watch them develop and ultimately improve.

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