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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
Because Vey Pearson and Toffoli could also become the next Brown Giroux Williams. We are going to need to start replacing our forwards long term and sooner rather than later. Prospects with promise fail, its absolutely true but under DL we have had several successes, so many so that we are waiving kids who are getting snapped up by other teams and succeeding.

These kids have a better than average shot at becoming good to exceptionally good NHLers so dealing any one of them for a rental player should be out of the question unless that player is THE key piece that we are missing to win the cup.

Deal them? Yes. Deal any one of them for Iginla or Jagr? No, not in my opinion because neither of those two guys are likely to be the single key pieces that we need to win the cup or at least not so much so that they are worth losing key pieces to our future over.

We don't need a big nasty snarling Dman, we have one about back and one that could be back. The only reason to get one would be to replace one of our current D. Another thing you don't do for a rental or at least not any of this years class.

Sending one of our current D along for an upgrade? Sure but they would have to be key players because the cost would surely be there.

If we hadn't won the cup last year then things would be different but since we did we know that we have more than enough talent here to do it again. We are absolutely missing MG/WM and maybe we should replace one of our current D to get another player like one of those two but not for a rental.

Fill a hole to dig a different one doesn't work either from our roster or prospects.

We do have prospects that are very good that other teams would want and that we could afford to move for the right player(s), but they don't include any of TT Vey or Pearson.
You can't expect Mitchell to come back, you just can't.

There is nothing wrong with replacing him, The current D core would struggle in a tight playoff game(my opinion).

Id be willing to move one of the young guys for a Big defender in his prime. (Richards type deal).

Is Mitchell even in LA ?

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