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03-22-2013, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by fysloc View Post
I don't like ABS. It increases my stopping distance on black ice and while its good to have, its only good in perfect ideal situations that never happen (lots of road, no cars around you, lots of distance). In the city, it makes your situation worse, because you now cant stop in time, and its not like you can legally steer into another car to dodge the car infront of you.

Ofcourse, its a driver error that the car slipped in the first place, but really, city lights need a longer yellow light timer.
We need crosswalk lights that are all on the countdown timers. The whole let of the gas when you see the solid hand doesn't make sense when the solid hand stays solid for the whole green light. Have the timer countdown and make them all configered the same when so that when you see the solid hand you know the light is changing color.

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