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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
The QMJHL needs a franchise in the Montreal area for marketing and TV purposes. Quebecor has a significant interest in the Boisbriand franchise in the Q.... The Canadiens stopped operating their top minor pro teams out of the Forum in the early seventies since they simply did not draw as well as other events. They stopped operating a Q team in the second half of the eighties.
... business interests are one thing, however in terms of public tastes & interests for a variety of reasons doesnt seem to be any appetite for Major let alone Provincial Junior A or AHL, ECHL hockey in the markets of Toronto & Montreal. The WHL after watching fails in Vancouver & Calgary, elsewhere, resistant to the notion of a return to major markets for some time. The successes in Calgary with the Hitmen & Vancouver's Giants both anomalous peculiarities unique to western Canada and not transferable to a Montreal or Toronto proper without some very serious capital investments in marketing & promotion, infrastructure in Montreal (arena?) and even then a crap shoot.

Originally Posted by HamiltonFan View Post
We're both speculating, but I don't think Toronto's indemnification would be significantly more from Burlington as opposed to Hamilton. Sure, there's a chance it's slightly higher, but I'm pretty sure that small increase would be dwarfed by completely removing buffalo from the equation.
Well, isnt Burlington effectively part of the GTA yet bizarrely included in the census district of the GHA? Some kind of split going on there? Sort of straddling the two municipal districts yet retaining much of its autonomy? I dont really know, stopped paying attention, disgusted with Toronto's Amalgamation back in the 90's as it was. But Burlington it could be argued is close enough if not over-lapping eastern Hamilton's boundaries and as such; Buffalo requiring some dough. Toronto looking for a sizeable chunk more as Burlington is for all intensive purposes little more than a bedroom community & suburb, homogeneous, nothing there even but condo's. Housing developments & shopping centres. Some light manufacturing, ht etc, rail depots n' whatnot in Aldershot. Like say far eastern Scarborough on the other side of the city. Even Markham. How long before its Amalgamated, absorbed into the sprawling megalopolis of the GTA? 10yrs, 20? No, the only place that makes sense to me is Hamilton & Copps' if but only one franchise is inbound.

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