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Originally Posted by actionjackson View Post
This ^^^^ is absolute horse$* are saying we would have went 9-2 if it were not for Dubnyk....RIIIIIGGGGHHHTTT...because there are no other holes in this team...(and these holes are not exactly going to be a cakewalk to fill either)

I hate the soft goals too...but overall there are WAY worse goalies out there. Would I like Hiller to come over in the off-season...OF COURSE...but watching the game day thread explode with what a POS this guy is just after Smyth coughs up the puck along the boards or N. Shultz gives up possession of the puck yet again...where is the love when he makes a beauty save?!?!

it is just not an accurate reflection of what this guy really is...a reasonably solid goalie who has not yet (and maybe never will) taken the step to elite status. This is not (at this point) the kind of guy who can put the team on his back and lead them to victory night in and night out...and I think we would all be over the moon (even the haters) if he ever did develop into one.
The Oilers are 4-4-3 in their last 11. I'm not saying they would have been 9-2 but for Dubnyk. I'm saying without the soft goals, poor puck handling and weak positioning 6-3-2.

Today that's the difference between 13th in the conference and 8th alone (as one of those lost points was against the Sharks).

A 'reasonably solid' goalie doesn't go into extended funks. His team counts on him with the lead instead of fearing the soft goal.

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