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03-22-2013, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
You're too cheap to buy proper helmet screws and want to make your own wood sticks but you dropped $600 on a pair of skates?

Assumptuons may kill a man.

I made those DIY or hockey accessories threads for everyone. Not just for me asking how to save a in dollar on screws. I find it interesting in coming up w new ways to train, protect yourself, make yourself better and tinkering with equipment. Many hockey players do...

I like to spend wisely, as well. Rather than spend twenty bucks on hockey screw package I rather spend pocket chance on weaterproof screws and driver.

I can buy a stick, and I will, was interested in making my own. If possible.

I have used the same baeur skates for ten years. They were prob worn out 4 yrs ago, but I never buy new ones because they were.comfortable and adequate. Now that they are destroyed, I neee a new pair and ive done months of research on finding my ideal pair.

The list came down to skates that had strong tongue, durability being most important, comfort. I wanted most of.all skates to be.durable.. Last me a few yrs if I was spending that much cash. Since I have a.job now, I was able to push up my limit as well.

Out of all the skates I researched and.was.reccomended, the mlx skates were the cheapest. 800 skates now about 500. the creators of the skates were.also pioneers of the skate.industry. And I loved that its handmade.

I spending money, but wisley.. Amd spending a total of 600 after taxes, shipping and handeling I am excited to get them soon. if the top of the line 800 dlr skates were to last me even half.the amount my old skates did, I would have beem.interested. But I heard these new skates dont last long at all. Top in performance.but bad.durability.

So when I heard.mlx.was..handmade, cheaper, and comfortable. I was.sold.
Oh and my bank gave me.a ton of money back in my hefty purchase. So.I really only spent 500.

dont assume im cheap. I spend, but I dont just throw away cash for "hockey specific" screws or training eqpm.

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