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03-22-2013, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by MoneyGuy View Post
Seriously, you don't think winter tires are beneficial? You remind me of the people decades ago who said there is no evidence that smoking cigarettes is harmful.

Who needs a study? I can tell the people who don't have snow tires. They're the ones slip sliding all over the road. Like the woman last week whose tires were spinning as she tried to start out at a green light while making a left turn. It took her three light changes before she could make her turn.

I don't disagree with the rest of your post, but the part quoted is wrong.

And I'm not saying snow tires are the only solution, but they help a lot.
I've never used snow tires. Except in some rent a cars. I've never had an accident in 25 yrs, I drive a huge amount, I'm never slip sliding over the road or out of control of my vehicle.

Please explain how I would be a safer driver with use of snow tires.

However I can see how an unskilled/inexperienced driver may benefit from snow tires just so you know I acknowledge that much. But I imagine theres a crossection of *greater handling and performance* drivers out there where snow tires just increase the risks taken.

You stated specifically that snow tires increases safety. I merely stated in response there is no conclusive factual data substantiation of that.

Ftr, and so you know where I am coming from in this regard when ABS was introduced it was also stated that it would increase driver safety and all kinds of false claims were made regarding the product innovation. Unfortunately in multiple jurisdictions accidents actually increased subsequent to the introduction of ABS brakes and with several defects and unintended hazards being introduced by the technology for which several large class action suits occurred. In several cases and suits the ABS brakes were alleged to contribute to the accidents.

So I don't assume anything when it comes to some of the new *safety* technologies.

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