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03-22-2013, 02:01 PM
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I feel like the Rangers need to ride out the year with Torts, but he needs to tweak the system - not change it completely.

First off, I don't buy the whole tuning him out or not playing for him anymore stuff. I dont think its like that. Of course I have nothing to prove that, but those that think thats the case dont have proof either. (yeah, take that)

I feel like Torts deserves a full camp, and hopefully, he'll make some needed adjustments and be less hard-headed on some issues (a la Giants Coughlin in 2007). With all of the player turnover this year he decided to stick with the exact gameplan due to the shortened practice schedule, gambled and lost.

I think its too late to drastically change anything right now (new coach) and it will reek of desperation. You dont want to send that signal to your team, even from upper management. I am hoping however that Torts loosens things up offensively and changes the way this team defends.

I think this team, especially defensively is trying uphold the reputation it built for itself last season. All of the new players coming in talked about blocking shots. It took on a life of its own, teams around the league emulated them...The difference is, the Rangers did it on instinct last season, while this year it is completely forced - especially from the new players (even Powe who is one of the best in the league) - and its forcing breakdowns all over the defense zone.

It has spiraled out of control and needs to stop. Forget that. Go back to basic positioning, let the play come to you and theyll actually start blocking more shots instead of deflecting pucks into their own net and running around trying to jump into lanes that put them out of position. The function below the goal line can stay, its the forwards that are screwing things up imo. I really thought that Sully would recognize this by now. Its gone on way too long.

Offensively they need to get off the ****ing wall and go back to how this team tried to play the day Torts was hired. If you recall, it was a hybrid of the system they play now. It was based on pinching from the defense with forwards rotating back to cover. It promoted more movement and more risk. It was more counter-attack based, but one of the problems back then is we didnt have enough speed. We may now with guys like Hags and Kreider and Nash's deceptiveness which are suited for the rush.

The functions in the neutral zone were pretty similar, but somehow this team has relied completely on dumping and wall work. End it. Adjust to the personnel. At this point its worth the risk if Lundqvist has to bail out this team with 4 or 5 huge saves every night anyway.

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