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Originally Posted by The Big Unit View Post

We need a goalie who can shut the door even after a bad goal and Dubnyk isn't that guy. The team doesn't play like they have no doubts he'll bail them out in the event of a bad turnover (Wingels' goal). Say whatever you want about his development, the fact remains that we was drafted in 2004 and still has major holes in his game along with some minor holes.

Terrible puck handling, rebound control, letting in softies, poor glove, doesn't properly cover the top of the net, can't shut the door when it counts, doesn't steal games often enough. That's way too many weaknesses in his game that still exist.

Overall he's not a terrible goalie but I don't see us winning a Stanley Cup with him either.
We are in the same boat here fine sir...but he could end up being a great backup, trade piece, late bloomer, something useful in the future...he is only one of the many boat anchors holding this team down (it also took the turnover to lead to the Wingels' goal, not just a Dubnyk flub)

I am open to him not being the future of the Oilers...I just dont think he is the most critical piece at this moment...I know it is the internet...but it drives me nuts to see everyone blow up on this guy every time the other team scores a goal (not just the softies).

He is in a tough spot...first year starter, no reliable backup, playoff race, poor defensive team. I would LIKE better play, but I am not EXPECTING it!!!

Here's hoping he proves us all wrong down the stretch and all us internet heroes gotta eat humble pie...i'm putting my faith in this guy (for the rest of the year)

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