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03-22-2013, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
A very good and well written post. This whole "Torts the Clown" hive mind is a bit ridiculous. Yes, he is one stubborn bum when it comes to adaptation but we are icing some serious under performers on a nightly basis.

It just feels wrong. The whole team, including the coaching staff just doesn't feel like it has the same camaraderie they had the previous two seasons. We've watched last years team go into games with the mentality that they'd shed blood for each other and it was outstanding. They were a TEAM. Whatever we are watching play now is more or less a collection of new faces who know each other about as well as they know Torts' system.
Totally agree with the second paragraph. Honestly, though I'll admit I don't know much about the locker-room dynamics, I think Richards is a big part of the problem as far as team mentality goes. I think it was Gross who wrote an article a few weeks ago about how Callahan, Girardi and Richards were the "big voices" in the room. And of course, Richards got the A before he stepped on the ice. Bottom line, he's a big voice and he's a guy that's supposed to be a leader. He's definitely not leading on the ice, and he doesn't look like he has a healthy attitude off the ice at all. One of the announcers a few weeks back was talking about how Richards was asking him for advice on how to get out of a slump. Last night he was mumbling about being "lost" and "confused" - he just doesn't sound like he has the right attitude to be a leader this year. Also, this is speculation, but he doesn't look like he prepared for the season very well. Slumping because of bad luck or whatever is one thing, playing poorly because of lack of preparation is another thing entirely, and, again, that's not what you expect from a guy who is supposed to be a leader.

Having so many new faces doesn't help either. I really, really wish Slats held on to the bottom 6 guys from last year. Instead of welcoming Nash into the fold as a team, he made it so that a core group of guys from last year were welcoming a group almost as big as their own to the team. As a result, the team mentality was lost. Losing 2 players shouldn't be a huge problem, but I don't know why you'd willingly dump so many others in addition.

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