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03-22-2013, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Just wait till you try to stop on glare ice sometime approaching an intersection. The single worst situation is slight loose snow cover on top of black ice. This seemingly confuses the threshold braking of the ABS system resulting in seemingly very little actual braking being applied. I once encountered a 150foot approach that was like curling ice and the ABS were doing nothing. They weren't properly sensing that the vehicle was not stopping. I had to steer into snow pack to slow the vehicle. I would've sailed 200feet right through the intersection. It seemed as if I had no brakes.

Never had this degree of difficulty stopping, only with ABS brakes which behave unpredictably with loose snow pack on top of glare ice. Conversely, when ABS senses clear exposed glare ice it performs well.

Not sure what it is that causes this specific problem. Theres beens several reports btw of the phenomenon I mention.
And that is what happened to me. ABS kept me plowing through the intersection until I narrowly missed the car that started moving due to green light. Its only made worse that I was going pretty slow compared to everyone else too and I still end up not being able to stop with about 3 lightposts away from intersection when I started braking.

I used to be big on every safety features on car, but honestly, after experiencing some of them in action personally, there are times where I am better off without them, especially the ABS since you can't turn it off from within the vehicle.

Stability control is nice though, but absolutely sucks once your stopped and on slushy wet snow ontop of ice. Good thing I can actually turn it off.

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