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03-22-2013, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
But that's the problem. i don't buy into chemistry being the reason we're not as good as we were last year because Boyle, Prust, and Johnny Malkin were just as useless on the ice for most of the year as our current bottom six has been. (when it comes to scoring goals, at least- both bottom sixes are alright at everything else a bottom six should do.)

I'll point to the last month of last season and the playoffs. We were a .500 team because Hank left god mode and the defense stopped playing as well as they were for the first 3/4 of the season. We're seeing that defense this year- even though individually guys like MDZ and Staal have been good, and McD before his recent slump is obviously great as well, and it's showing. We're not nearly as good defensively as we were last year. The second goal on Hank yesterday doesn't happen last year.

You know how I feel about the stupid memes prevalent all the time, with TAWTS DA CLOWN and DEL ZASTAH and garbage like that, but we need to contend. Hank is getting older, Nash and Cally are getting older, sadly Gabby probably won't be resigned and Richards suddenly blows. We need to try and salvage this team as a "contender" and so far Torts hasn't shown that he's the guy up to the task.

I think Torts is a good coach and all the idiots who spew their garbage memes were waiting to do it last year, too, but couldn't because we were winning. But we have to contend, and we're not. And if we try to revamp the entire roster we'll run out of time.
Chemistry is but one of many reasons why we suck this year. I don't believe its the number one reason, I just posted about it because as a fan, it makes a bit harder to connect unlike last year.

Personally, if Gabby and Richards just you know.....played, things would be about a billion times better.


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