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03-22-2013, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Orr Nightmare View Post
Haleprn sucked and I said at the beginning of the season he wouldn't be on the team by the end of the year.

He was a little better than 50-50 and that's about it...the Rangers suck this year because they revamped their entire bottom six and everyone they brought in has sucked.

We have become one of if not the softest teams in the league in the blink of an eye. Every time you want to say Sather is doing ok...he royally ***'s it up again...hand over the organization to Gorton already....this league has passed you by.

Everyone claims that he is a master at trading...we got hosed on the Kundatrek trade and everyone brushed it aside as like we have so much defensive depth that we didn't need the kid...real smart given away an asset for nothing...he keeps falling for the same type of away Lauri for Lisen, gives away this kid for Bouchard, gives away Tyutin for up a lot for Nash even though he is worth it.

You know what a good GM is...I guy who trades away alex goligoski for James Neal and the throw in winds up being better that the guy you gave away, Matt niskanen or trades away Ryan Whitney for Chris Kunitz and he forced the ducks to add in Tangradi.

He could have righted the ship this year by claiming Frazer McLaren or signing Mark Fraser when he was dumped by the Devils last year. They could have acquired Keaton Ellerby for a 5th. Matt Kassian for a 6th.
If you think Mark Fraser, Matt Kassian or Keaton Ellerby fix this teams issues you're in for a huge wakeup call.

This garbage about the team being "soft" has to stop. The team can't score any ****ing goals. You can't beat goals out of your opponent. Should we get more toughness? Sure, why not. Is it gonna make us a contender? Absolutely not.

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