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03-22-2013, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
They're still here.

The guy looked pathetic for the 15 first game of the season because he wasn't going to the net at all. Now he started doing that again, and guess what, it pays off!

Criticizing a player's performance is something that is going to happen on a hockey board.

There are so many posters here than don't say anything about hockey but keep criticizing those "haters", who just happen to do exactly what this board has been designed for in the first place.

And hey, while we're at it, you're clearly a Subban hater, for screaming at him for a penalty he didn't even take the other night. WHERE ARE YOU SUBBAN HATER?!!! HIDING WITH MARKOV HATERS?!!!

Look, I did it too. As easy as that. Still lame as ****.

Gionta wasn't scoring much at the beginning of the season so, predictably, this board's inner-need to always scapegoat someone arose. It's tiresome and reactionary, and that's why others constantly laugh at how "bipolar" our fanbase is.

Bold proclamations that players are done, that they should be traded, that their captaincy should be stripped, that they no longer belong in the top 6 off a small sample size is as fairweather as it gets. People lack serious perspective on these boards and if you don't like that I'm calling them out then tough luck, friend.

I'm thankful the people in charge of our fine organization aren't as reactionary as some members of this board. I understand the purpose is to discuss and dissect players, but it's one thing to do that and entirely another to scapegoat and label players like we constantly do (Price doesn't steal games, Bourque is lazy, Gionta is done, Subban is dumb/greedy, Markov is finished, Desharnais is too small, Eller is a career 3rd-liner, Kaberle is an AHLer, etc).

Subban took a penalty that directly cost us the game, I really don't see the relation between criticizing him for a stupid play and saying something like he doesn't belong on this team anymore as a result.

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