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03-22-2013, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
If you think Mark Fraser, Matt Kassian or Keaton Ellerby fix this teams issues you're in for a huge wakeup call.

This garbage about the team being "soft" has to stop. The team can't score any ****ing goals. You can't beat goals out of your opponent. Should we get more toughness? Sure, why not. Is it gonna make us a contender? Absolutely not.
What did we lose from last years team. Rupp, Prust, Dubi, Bickel (he still sucks), Feds, Anisimov

All those guys, sans anisimov, had more grit and brought toughness. Toughness goes beyond the scoreboard. It brings a team together. It makes them feel more like a team. Knowing they can stand up and take on anyone. We don't have that this year. We have a bunch of softies. Halpern, Powe, Pyatt, Miller. None of those guys are tough. I'd argue the only one worth keeping is Miller.

You need to be tough and initimdating to play against. Look at the best teams in the league. We are pathetic this year. We have no grit in our lineup whatsoever. Who's our toughest guy? Boyle? I mean holy ****. EVery night i see the same thing. Players getting nailed and no one doing a thing. When was the last fight we had? I can't even remember. last year we led the league in fighting majors i think. If not, we were right up there. We were tough as ****.

Good riddance to halpern. You can't provide offense in the bottom 6, you damn well better be providing grit. He couldn't throw a hit on a figure skater.

Pyatt should be next. If he's not scoring he brings nothing. Can't PK, can't skate, he's good along the boards, that's it. After that, ship powe off to neverland.

I don't know how people can't see the difference between this and last years team. Last year we were a rough and tumble bunch. Was it pretty, no, but you always knew they were giving 100%. You knew that if a guy got hit, someone was going to do something. You knew they were a team.

This year they look like a bunch of scatterbrained ****s. They all look lost.

We have our best player Nash trying to throw big hits and luckily not getting suspended to wake this dead group up.

I just don't see this year being anything for us. They need to come together as a team and i don't think that's possible in 20 games. Would i like to see it, yea. But doubtful. Either they'll scrape into the playoffs and get knocked out for the soft bunch they are or they won't make it at all.

Lets look to next season. We have tons of talent on this roster. We need that sandpaper. Those guys that make a team feel like a team. Those locker rooms guys who will stand up for you no matter what.

Hopefully asham is healthy next year. Stick him on the 4th line. Put boyle down there too. Get steve ott. for the love of god, overpay if you have too. no more scabs. tough guys who can play.

dump the dead weight. fix the bottom six. we had to much turnover on this team and in a short season, not enough time to weed out the problems and get it fixed.

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