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03-22-2013, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by shoop View Post
Why not bring in someone to push Dubnyk next year?

It's not the preferred option, but it's better than anointing Dubnyk next year.

As for 'breaking the bank', that might not cost as much as people would think. The cap is going down $5.9M next year. Teams will be scrambling to make it under the cap. Top notch goalie salaries will be impacted as with every other position.

Khabi's $3.75M is coming off the books. Maybe the Oilers could get an upgrade in a trade involving Dubnyk and his $3.5M?
Originally Posted by The Big Unit View Post
Dude they don't allow one softie a game though. That's the biggest complaint on Dubnyk and it hasn't changed since he got here. Nobody's saying Dubnyk has to carry the Oilers, just don't lose us games, or lose us points.

Must be some statistical anomoly where Dubnyk lets in two softies and loses us the game...yet somehow manages to hold on to a higher save percentage than all these "rock solid" goalies...and he still lose us the game...lets be realistic here we have the worst offensive player in the league (Belanger)...all these other goalies stats are the ones being "padded"

Conditional 6th round for Bernier (provided we win the cup this year and he provides a shutout in each start)...sounds about as realistic as all this Dubnyk keeps losing the Oilers all these games bologna!!!

This team might squeak into the playoffs...but it is not going to be on the back of Dubnyk...or the forwards...or the defence...or the management!!!

Lets just enjoy the ride does feel good to still be close...doesn't it?!?!

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