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Originally Posted by romdj View Post
I've been criticized because before we used to only do scrimmages and some of the guys aren't having fun any more and have asked me to teach those set plays in a more fun way.
Well, that's certainly unique.

Try making a competition out of drills. Eliminate players when they make mistakes, see who can last the longest. Break the group up into teams and give an incentive for being the best team on the ice. Simply keeping score is motivating.

Tell them they have to complete X number of crisp, clean passes in 60 seconds while running through their system, and celebrate like hell when they make it (or, make them skate laps if they don't ).

Take the worst kid on the team and put him in a position to make the last play and be a hero.

Let the players choose their drills, their rewards AND their punishments... BEFORE practice starts. Put them in a position to hold each other accountable. In all likelihood, you'll be the first person to do that.

Break the group into 3s and have them do "stations" focusing on one specific skill or strategy (for example, two forwards and a dman per team, two teams playing against each other in each zone). 30 seconds of explanation, 90 seconds of drill, then switch stations.

Celebrate successes. Usually a lack of "fun" is a kid's way of saying they don't see any incentive for success. If they get a positive vibe from success, they'll associate that positive vibe with the work, and then they're having fun.

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