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03-22-2013, 03:34 PM
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The blatant bias of the officiating is disgusting. There are some officials, and really it is only some, and more often when we are playing canadian teams, that really seem to have a tilt in their perspective on what is happening on the ice. My major concern is not whether Aucoin gets called for an embellishment penalty or whether a puck going into the bench can be called delay of game...its the absolute cheap shots on JT that worry me. Over time, these will ABSOLUTELY impact his game. Players that get beat on early and often retire faster. their skills erode faster. the way dion phaneuf has hit SEVERAL islanders repeatedly...and he's not the only one...with borderline, questionable, dirty hits is inexcusable...and to have them be completely "missed" or let go or ignored or painfully construed as legal is DANGEROUS to the health of the player. I understand as a human maybe you dont like the islanders or you prefer your team or canadian teams or whatever, but we're talking about concussions and injuries and players livelihoods. It is incumbent on the NHL to enforce the rules fairly AND for the islanders to look out for each other. How phaneuf hasnt been made to answer for his hits on isles yet is totally beyond me.

The reality is this will not change until we win. until we become valuable to the NHL. right now we're effing Dodo birds to the NHL...and that is not going to change until we win some effing games.

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