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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
The rule for defensive players getting their hands on a pass is to just get a hand on it. If it's swatted down, great. If it's popped up in the air, that's even better. A good number of interceptions come off of tipped passes. How many breakaways going the other way come off of a blocked shot?
Ha, you may want to ask Rangers fans that question, but phrase it "how many short-handed empty net goals are scored off blocked Marian Gaborik shots?"

Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
The number is 21.3% if you go with just passing plays. But I'll argue that rushing attempts [I]should/I] be included. The first purpose of the offense is to get the ball into the end zone. That can be done with either running or passing. But in hockey, where the point is to put the puck into the net, the only way that happens (okay, in 99.9% of cases) is by a shot being taken by an offensive player.
still chewing on this. trying to decide then whether passes in hockey that are either not completed or intercepted should be included, since you're offering a global understanding of football offense but a partial view of hockey offense. I'm inclined to say that because the two sports are so different, a statistical comparison of them shouldn't be used to support an argument for penalizing blocked shots in hockey.

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