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Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
I think its unfair to single out one player on the PK. The players deserve blame for alot of really weak clearing attempts, but the coaches also deserve blame because their tactics are not working.

Personally, I think our wingers are too passive in the box formation. I favour the high pressure approach especially on the point, and the half boards.
Originally Posted by Habsawce View Post
I can't remember but I don't think last year they were an aggressive PK team. From what I can remember it was a whole lot of defencemen worrying about the cross crease pass and forwards just trying to block shots from the point allowing Price to worry about the rest.

Just not working as well this year, so it would probably be good to change it up before the playoffs.
Considering Gill took up the entire length of our zone, he was a big part of our PK success. Otherwise, my memory is that we weren't overly aggressive but were stronger positionally. Last year's D rarely left men unguarded close in, whereas this year we see opposing forwards sneak in a couple of times a game.

The clearing passes aren't as much an issue on the PK (though it was yesterday) because you'd expect less passes and more straight clearing shots. But yes, our clearing passes on 5-5 need work. All those cute attempts at breakout plays are great, until they're intercepted. But that's probably a product of the new emphasis on longer, aggressive passing and lightning quick transitions. Maybe the occasional screwup in our zone is the trade-off for suddenly becoming a goal-scoring machine.

In both cases, I'll repeat that this is exactly where Raphael Diaz made a difference.

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