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Originally Posted by PCSPounder View Post
If Chris Hansen wants no part of an NHL ownership group, who will? Levin apparently doesn't. Someone here claims Levin puts the odds of NHL in the new building at 10%. I don't really want to put stock into that, but the game among billionaires is the key part of this story as much as is the Seattle-Sacramento battle for the Kings.

I've made this point before: 8 of the 9 arenas that share NBA and NHL are in the 12 largest NA markets. If an owner can make up for some arena revenue loss (compared to where said owner COULD own a team) with TV money, sharing is more worth the risk. Seattle, being outside that top 12, may or may not have other revenues to offset the probability of Hansen asking to skim certain hockey revenues if he gets someone wanting a lease. I know people have talked about the provisions where Hansen theoretically accepts the NHL, but none of them are financial guarantees (rent break, 100% of suite revenue, etc.). I know where Seattle lay on the market size scale, but it's a question whether that's actually big enough for a league that's never been in town.
Hansen most certainly wants to be a part of an NHL ownership group just not in majority position. He actually has an $80M (in additional city/county upfront funds) incentive to get the NHL in Seattle. Where do you get Levin doesn't want to be involved (as noted by 'superdeluxe')? Are you making this stuff up or is it wishful thinking?

Even if Levin said the 10% thing it was probably before Hansen got the PSA on the Kings and even then 10% probability to me is not all bad considering the chances of an NHL franchise just one year ago.

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