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03-22-2013, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
No, not at all. The suggestion is being made that I'm a dangerous driver specifically due to not using snow tires. Given zero accidents in my driving history how have I been a danger to other motorists. Please explain that.

BTW, I use seatbelts at all times. I use a lifejacket at all times when boating. I wear a bike helmet at all times whey cycling. I use safety precautions that make sense.

I don't user snow tires because I don't require them and because I can, and have, driven safely for close to a million miles without them.
You may be good at avoiding situations requiring emergency maneuvers, but it is not possible to avoid all of them, because it is not entirely in your control. When you do need to perform emergency maneuvers, there will be no comparison between your abilities when it comes to all-seasons vs. winter tires.

You probably aren't a dangerous driver in any huge way with all seasons if you drive accordingly, though. It's mostly just bad for your own safety.

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