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03-22-2013, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I'm not talking about "more control". I'm talking about statistical accident stats, real world validity to the claim that use of Snow tires results in increased safety, and less traffic accidents and injuries. The only extensive study of its kind was in the province of Quebec but the results of that study being inconclusive and to wit in a region where I would cede to the use of snow tires in anycase.

I provide myself with "more control" through adept and attentive defensive driving at all times. I drive according to road conditions at all times. So that the "control" I have over my vehicle is obviously been sufficient to prevent any accidents.
A study like what you are talking about would be impossible to do reliably. Too many uncontrolled variables. It would inherently be inconclusive. How would you set it up? Legislate an entire region to not allow snow tires? Then the next winter, legislate the region to make them mandatory? It would be unethical anyway.

I understand the argument that people go faster when they have better technology. But that doesn't mean the technology is not worthwhile. That means people need to change their behavior.

All of the actual hard data supports winter tires.

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